Your Baby Guide

Your Baby's First Taste of Solid Foods
Making the transition from breast or bottle to solid foods is a big event for both you and baby. Starting on solid foods is not just about nutrition; it is baby's exciting introduction to the world of new flavors and to the enjoyment of chewing and eating. Here are some tips for starting out on the right foot with solid foods.

Crib Essentials
A good night's rest is something we all need, including your baby. Every time you lay your baby down in his crib, make sure his sleeping environment is not only a safe one, but is one that's comfortable and welcoming. Here's a list of crib and accessory essentials:

It's Bath Time!
Most babies love a nice bath. It's warm, it's soothing and it's relaxing. And because babies love skin-to-skin contact, bathing offers another great opportunity for warm interaction between you and your little one.

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